Halo 3 takes over your TV

Spike TV, SCI FI Channel and Comedy Central are giving millions of Halo fans a reason to Believe with a look at one of the most anticipated games in history, Halo 3, before its release on Sept. 25. 

This four-day event kicks off on Comedy Central, Saturday, Sept. 22, with coverage from the exclusive Halo 3 party in Las Vegas, and the unveiling of the Master Chief Madame Tussaude’s Wax Museum figure. 

Not to be outdone, on Sept. 24, Spike TV’s Game Head will host a live feed from the Halo 3 marquee launch event at New York City’s flagship Best Buy store, where fans, celebrities and professional athletes will be on hand to celebrate the launch. The network’s coverage will go well into the night with a full-length program titled “Halo 3: Launched!” following the live midnight madness coverage on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Continuing Master Chief’s programming appearances, on Sept. 25, Halo Nation will (hopefully) put down their Xbox 360 controllers and tune into “Halo 3: Sci vs. Fi” on the
SCI FI Channel, which dives deep into the dynamics of creating the renowned Halo storyline.

For additional exclusive Halo 3 goodness, fans can check out G4TV on Sept. 25, who will also broadcast a Halo 3 launch special.

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