Hallmark’s “Home & Family” Hosts “Life Goes On” Reunion Monday, Feb. 23 UPDATE!

TV Picks: On Monday, February 23rd Hallmark’s “Home & Family” hosts a special “Life Goes On” reunion with Chris Burke (Corky Thacher), Patti LuPone (Libby Thacher) and Kellie Martin (Becca Thacher).

Kellie Chris Patti on couch w hosts

The iconic series ran on ABC from 1989 to 1993 and featured the Thacher family and their son ‘Corky.’ Filling in for host Cristina Ferrare is Brooke Burns (GSN’s “The Chase”).

Back in 1989, television’s first drama series built around a mentally challenged character, “Life Goes On” chronicles the experiences of the Thacher family, particularly Corky, who has Down syndrome.

When the series begins, at age 18, Corky is just being mainstreamed into high school after extensive time in special education classes, which means he is placed as a classmate of his 14-year-old sister, Becca.

Although Becca is fiercely loyal to her brother, Corky’s condition occasionally clashes with her desire to fit in with her other classmates. Their father, Drew, is a former construction worker who now runs a restaurant; mom Libby is an ex-singer who now splits her time between running the home and working in advertising. Also in the ensemble is Paige, Drew’s daughter from an earlier marriage, who has dropped out of college and moved in with the family after a failed relationship.

Kellie Martin Chris Burke Patti LuPone standing

Kellie Martin, Chris Burke, Patti LuPone standing at H&F


This terrific cast reunion continues “Home & Family” recent run of reunion episodes paying tribute to some of TV’s greatest series including “Dynasty,” “Knots Landing,” “The Love Boat” and “Happy Days.”

We can’t wait for the rumored “Clean House” reunion with H&F’s Matt Iseman and his former team of Niecy Nash, Yard Sale diva Trish Suhr and designer Mark Brunetz!


Kellie Chris Patti on couch

Kellie, Chris, Patti on H&F couch



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