Hair S.O.S.: Laila Ali creates affordable line of styling tools for all locks

We love Laila Ali, having met her in 2008 at a Langham Pasadena Hotel for an NBC breakfast for the “American Gladiators.”

She was part of the celebrity cast, and pregnant at the time. Her outlook on physical fitness, diet and overall energy was positive and warm. Her natural drive and beauty have elevated her to one of the most influential celebrities who can cover a lot of areas, from fitness to fashion, philanthropy to television appearances.

Ali has woven a mini empire of unique products she has created, and is an integral part of several charity organizations. She also appeared on “Stars Earn Stripes” for NBC. Now she has launched a new line of superior styling tools for multi-cultural hair and for Caucasian hair with Helen of Troy.


The Laila Ali line of styling tools is designed specifically for multi-cultural hair but can be used by everyone. They feature multiple heat settings to personalize styling, high heat up to 450 degrees and ceramic and titanium technology to leave hair healthy and prevent breakage.

The Laila Ali line focuses on the concept of natural hair and provides the tools necessary to keep hair moisturized, healthy and free from breakage. Whether you want to naturally style your hair to be straight, curly, or wavy, the Laila Ali line will offer a product to help you get there.

Disclosure: I have stick straight, fine hair.

We tried and loved:

Ionic Salon Dryer ($49.99)


I do my own highlights and deep condition, so this clever item is a brilliant find. It gets hot when you put it on high. I also tried it with a Velcro roller set and in 20 minutes my hair was insanely curled and full of volume. The only draw back is the heat distribution to the back of my hair. This stand-up dryer hydrates hair and has a balanced airflow design with ionic technology. With the dryer’s ion indicator light you can easily see when the ions are turned on and hydrating your hair. The product has two heat settings, a cool setting and a round hood large enough to accommodate a jumbo set of hair rollers. With it’s built in cord storage area and collapsible design, it’s a wonderful home salon tool to own.

Ionic Styler Dryer ($29.99)


I love this unusual dual voltage dryer (you can use the dryer anywhere in the world) that smooths out flyaways and gets ends sleek and shiny. Comes with 3 styling attachments: a brush for adding body and smoothing hair, a fine-tooth comb for fine or short hair, and a wide-tooth comb for coarse, thick, or long hair. For optimal styling control, the dryer has three heat settings as well as a cool setting. With this dryer it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, it gives that finished look fast, and it’s easier than a flat iron for me.

Ceramic Curl Stick ($24.99)


There are times a girl needs a curl, and this Ceramic Curl Stick is a safety (clamp free) 3/4 barrel that you can wrap hair around and release it for frizz-free, shiny, spiral curls every time. This iron can heat up to 450 degrees and its instant heat recovery feature keeps it hot after each curl. A basic must have to had a flip to ends or create banana curls or loose waves if done at a vertical angle. Useful and affordable.



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