Hair Love: Spring 2012 hot hairstyles, best new hair care products

The new hairstyles for spring/summer 2012 are open to interpretation and relatively easy to recreate for this styling free-for-all.

The latest looks ranged from glistening hair arranged every which way, in unstructured knots and urban loose waves to heavily sculpted period hairstyles.

Think the Mad Men craze sweeping clothing designers and retailers right now, with the late 50’s and early 60s dramatic nipped waist looks that are accompanied by beautiful sexy set hair a la Marilyn Monroe.  Lots of controlled big waves that are set and sprayed along with carefully carved eyebrows, lips and flared precise eyeliner.

While lips and brows are the focus on the face, hair is about the bangs (fringe if you are British) the ponytail and the “wet” look.


To get the max look from a pony, set your hair in big rollers, then pull into pony tails and modified pony buns. Polished braids and big bouncy blow outs rule for new looks too. Take advantage of the new tapered barreled curling irons and let your locks cool down and remain loose; try not to brush the curls out after you finish just let them be, and set with the most minimal hair product.

To get the glistening look, or make sure your hair has enough body to hold a finished tousled and loose wave, we tried the latest hair care products (reviews below) that delivered the needed ingredient to affect all these hairstyles.

Transitioning hair styles from day to night can be as simple as bringing one little product to work.

Here are some great tips we learned during the recent Style Fashion Week LA while we visited Team Gleam sponsor Melanie Mills, an Emmy Award winning celebrity makeup artist who designed the makeup and worked with hair designers to create the runway looks:

Short Hair

To ramp up short hair from polished professional to fun, sexy nighttime requires just one product, invest in a natural sea salt hair finisher: A Beautiful Life Pre Game Texturizing Spray is a fabulous product we have reviewed in the past. (Made in USA)
When 5:00pm hits, spray Pre Game into roots and scrunch and spike with this natural product.

Controlled Chaos: Medium Hair

For the shoulder length hair people, you can part down the middle and pull hair back into a half up, half -down style, especially if you have natural waves.  Pull pieces from the front and twist, using sea salt spray or a touch of Thickening Cream (Borghese makes a great one, mentioned below) to add texture.   Think unstructured.  To touch up waves, apply a finishing hair spray like Borghese’s newest lightweight spray product that gives weightless control.

Glisten and shine

For a more formal evening out, you can touch up hair with a big barreled iron. Start by separating sections and curl entire head, applying a touch of superb serum Emtage Hair’s SILKtáge to ensure there is no damage.

For night, put hair up into a high ponytail or pony bun (hair is partially pulled through fastener) for a look that is both classic and sophisticated.

Office to Evening

A time saver: Shower and shampoo in morning and apply some Borghese Giovanni Volumizing Hair Gel to hair while twisting into a neat professional bun. Take this product to work. 

Secure your hair with bobby pins to keep the look pulled together and professional. After work, let the bun down and shake your hair into sexy, tussled waves.  Apply a little more product to enhance the shape.

Best in New Hair Product and Finishers:

Emtage Hair’s SILKtáge
Made in the USA


American entrepreneur Robin Emtage created this product out of necessity.  A rare photographer who styles her subjects herself, Robin was frustrated by seeing her clients sacrifice the health of their hair for the sake of temporary “chemical shine”. After many fruitless searches for a pure hair styling product, Robin decided to make her own.

This new reformulation of Emtage SILKtáge is the most concentrated organic rejuvenating styling serum on the market.  It’s loaded with Argan Oil direct produced by Moroccan women’s cooperatives which divides the oil’s profits among the local women.  This serum has no silicone, no parabens, no petroleum products, no chemical preservatives and is cruelty free too.  SILKtáge now has the complete spectrum of precious oils from around the world to make your hair shine and rid fly aways and finish ends professionally.  Clean delicious scent too.

“We can now offer the complete spectrum of precious oils from around the world in our already rich and hydrating blend or styling serum,” says owner/creator of Emtage Hair, Robin Emtage. “Since our customers were asking us for Argan oil, we wanted to give them what they wanted.” With the new formula, now even more rich in vitamin E, SILKtáge delivers the highest attainable level of hair manageability and shine by renewing and repairing the structure of the hair.”

Emtage Hair serum contains no silicone, chemicals or preservatives; only sustainable and natural ingredients. The benefits of SILKtáge lie in its signature ingredients; Organic Geranium, Organic Rosemary, and Wild Harvested Palmarosa essential oils, Camellia Oil (Green Tea Oil), Monoi Oil, an infusion of Tahitian gardenia flowers soaked in coconut oil and Argan Oil.

SILKtáge works for all hair types, especially dry, stressed, frizzy hair because it strengthens hair from the root and restores moisture lost from styling heat, chemicals, and the environment. The miracle Argan oil is prevalent in Morocco, and is valued for a multitude of cosmetic properties because of the essential fatty acids and rich amount of vitamin E the oil contains. 

The best way to use this long lasting miracle serum is to tap a few drops into palm and smooth into wet or dry hair. Concentrate on damaged and rough ends. For extra conditioning, apply to length of hair and scalp before shampooing and leave on for 30-60 minutes. Overnight is better. Follow by shampoo and conditioner. $39 (3.4 fl. oz.) USD, and is available at

Borghese hair care products NEW 
Made in the USA


The Italian line Borghese has been around a long time, now scooped up by Revlon cosmetics, and it is still producing higher end cosmetics and spa treatments from Montacatini. 

Borghese’s proprietary Acqua Di Vita Complex, the main age-defying ingredient found in their spa products and signature Fango Mud, is found in these mineral waters and volcanic mud in the Italian region of Tuscany. Montacatini’s spa waters are reportedly known for the rejuvenating effects. This Acqua Di Vita complex is also incorporated into their new hair care line.

Now Borghese’s botanical enriched shampoos, conditioners and styling products have hit the mass market and are readily available in CVS pharmacies and online. 

We tried and loved the Venetian Volumizing Shampoo and matching Conditioner, Modena Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner as well as their Tuscany Thickening Cream (caveat: small amounts are needed); Giovanni Volumizing Hair Gel; Siena Styling Spray and super lightweight Siena Finishing Hair Spray. 

For fine hair, the finishing spray works like a champ, I preferred it to the actual styling spray.  

All the products have a clean spa scent.  Borghese Hair care line items are all under $20 USD.

“Borghese is built on a heritage that dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing waters of the Tuscan Earth,” said Georgette Mosbacher, president and CEO of Borghese, Inc. “Today, we are actively pioneering new products which are responsive to a woman’s beauty needs and wants, while staying true to our heritage. The new hair care line allows a broader range of consumers to enjoy our innovative and meticulously-designed products.”


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