Gwyneth Paltrow to be Paid $2 Million for One Song

Gwyneth Paltrow is singing a three-minute song for Every Word is True, the biopic about American author Truman Capote. For this, one day’s work she is to be paid $2 million. So the UK Sun is reporting from sources close to the movie.

Gwyneth is playing American singer Peggy Lee and will sing What Is This Thing Called Love in the opening scene of the film.  

A senior executive on the film is quoted as saying: “No actress has ever earned this sort of dough for just one day’s work.  

 “And no singer, not even Barbra Streisand, has earned this for warbling one song.”  

The executive explained that “when you’re talking about someone as beautiful and iconic as Gwyneth making her filming comeback after having her baby, then it’s the performance that counts. She will set up the movie perfectly with a superb glittering performance.”

It also makes the $2000 or so her husband, Chris Martin, from Coldplay gets for perfoming one song.

There are two Capote biogs in the pipe, this one and another untitled one. You can read more on them here and here.

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