Guitar Hero II controllor problems, potential recall?

There’s nothing worse then getting ready to take a guitar solo and have a string break or have your speaker blow out.

It appears the equivalent is happening to virtual Xbox 360 rock gods – reports are coming in that many Guitar Hero II X-plorer guitars have unresponsive whammy bars.

It also seems that there are two variants of the X-Plorer (see photo,) one with the pedal jack near the power cord and one with the pedal jack on the bottom of the guitar. The whammy-bar issue apparently is happening in the variant with the pedal jack near the power cord, but some have reported the opposite.

Message boards have been lighting up regarding the Star Power-destroying problem, including mention that some Target stores are refusing to sell the game or the controller, saying that there has been a recall.

There’s absolutely no confirmation of this yet, the handfull of Target stores we called didn’t know anything about a recall. We have calls out to Red Octane and haven’t heard anything yet, so don’t get your guitar straps in a bundle just yet.

Are you having problems with your X-plorer controller? Sound off below, let us know.

Meanwhile, check back for more news.


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