Guerrilla Games denies Killzone 2 will be rushed to retail

PlayStation 3 developer Guerrilla Games has this week moved to allay mounting fan fears following a recent 1UP podcast that suggested eagerly awaited first-person shooter Killzone 2 is being prematurely pushed towards retail release.

Unofficial fan site Killzone Unit reports that during the podcast in question, Electronic Gaming Magazine previews editor Brian Intihar offered that: “Killzone 2 will come out in 2008, no matter what the quality.”

Evidently, some expectant fans took this comment to mean that Sony is pressuring Guerrilla Games to get the much talked about sci-fi FPS sequel ready for launch before it is fully finished.

However, official Killzone Command Center community forum leader [Guerrilla]-EON has since outlined that Intihar’s words were little more than “speculation on a rumor based on gossip.” He also noted that Guerrilla has “consistently refused to advance a release date [for Killzone 2], so any discussion of a date is in the realms of pure speculation.”

And, if subsequent fan reaction is anything to go by, then Guerrilla is right to play hardball with Sony (if indeed it is) while maintaining a firm grip on Killzone 2 in the belief it could significantly boost the PlayStation 3’s software portfolio.

In the main, comments left on Killzone Unit lend support to Guerrilla Games and call upon the development team to take their time in making sure that Killzone 2 does not disappoint when it finally arrives.

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