Great Shadow – Book Review

Infidel is a mercenary, renowned for her great strength and feats of valor – as well as defenestrating her opponents. Following the death of her closest companion, Infidel decides to acquire one last prize -the treasure trove of Great Shadow.

This will enable her to retire from fighting and live the rest of her life in luxury.  She agrees to become part of a team of adventurers to slay the dragon. Unfortunately, Great Shadow is the primal dragon of fire, patiently waiting to devour victims and has a malignant intelligence. He quickly becomes aware of the quest and is determined to prevent its success. There is plenty of tension between the adventurers – it is clear that not all will survive to the end.  Is the treasure all that it seems?

An unexpected twist in the tale comes when Infidel divides into two characters and the ending is certainly unusual.  The story positively bounces along, action packed and plenty of conflict to keep the reader’s interest throughout.  The ending leaves you smiling and wondering just what is going to happen in the promised next volumes of this adventure series.  It promises to be an enjoyable fantasy series to look out for.