Grease: You’re the One That I Want Live Episode #3 Recap

The game is back on – another week in the search for Broadway’s Danny and Sandy. Gone is last weeks all Broadway show. In its place is duets week with a more appropriate one hour running time. But first one Sandy and Danny would have to be eliminated. 

Jason Celaya and Juliana Hansen

Jason Celaya and Juliana Hansen

The four contestants with the least amount of votes from America would compete in a sing off to be decided by the judges who would be sent home. This week’s group included Jason, Kevin, Juliana, and Kathleen. After singing “Those Magic Changes”, the judges chose to save Kevin and Kathleen, sending Jason and Juliana packing, agreeing with America who had also voted for them the least.

Joining judges David Ian, Jim Jacobs, and Kathleen Marshall as guest judge was a man who once played Danny on Broadway, Jon Secada.

Once again, the run down:

Chad and Allie – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
Austin and Laura – “I Don’t Know Much”
Max and Ashley – “It Takes Two”
Derek and Kate – “From This Moment On”
Kevin and Kathleen – “Something to Talk About”

The judges favorites this week were once again very similar, with Kathleen, Jon, and Jim chosing Chad as their favorite Danny while David chose Austin. For Sandy, the judges were split down the middle with David and Kathleen chosing Ashley and Jon and Jim choosing Allie.

Cast your vote and tune in next week to see which Sandy and Danny will be eliminated.

Next weeks judge – Frankie Avalon.