Graphic post plastic surgery photos, victim of Dr. Jan Adams

Do you fantasize about recreating your body, or your face?

Have a look at one victim of Dr. Jan Adams, the doctor implicated in the death of Kanye West’s beloved mother Donda, which has posted here.

TMZ TV interviewed Julie Coleman, who says her body is “marred for life,” after she appeared as a patient on Dr. Jan’s Discovery Health show “Plastic Surgery: Before and After.”

Adams arrived at an LA County Courthouse in San Pedro, Calif. to answer questions about his assets, in relation to a different case of malpractice and a judgment against him.

TMZ reports that Lori Ufondu was awarded more $100,000 after Dr. Adams left a sponge in her for six years after performing plastic surgery.

Today’s hearing is designed to follow a money trail to satisfy the judgment.


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