Goodell, Miss America in HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Bug Light VIDEOS



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took the NFL’s 40 million dollar man Roger Goodell to task for his lack of real problem solving with regards to the current shit storm the league is in over domestic violence.

Also the Miss America Pageant was examined, and Oliver talked about how the contestants handled the Q&A portion of the beauty contest and especially one quick witted beauty’s response to  a question about ISIS and what the U.S. government’s response should be to the Islamic State’s recent, brutal beheadings. Oliver says, “And she only had 20 seconds to do it!”

After the clip, Oliver then says, “Holy shit, that is a much better answer than I could have done in that amount of time.  That is a borderline better answer than the president gave last week!”

Check out the clips from HBO:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Miss America Pageant (HBO):