Golf Channel Notable Quotes – Morning Drive & Live From the Soggy Masters UPDATED

Golf Channel Notable Quotes – Morning Drive & Live From the Masters

Morning Drive (7-10 a.m. ET)

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Golf Channel Notable Quotes – Morning Drive & Live From the Soggy Masters

Masters week is off to a wet start in Georgia.

Just two hours after the gates opened to patrons on Monday morning, a weather warning siren halted the event at Augusta National Golf Club and all play was suspended. All badge holders were asked to leave the premises because of potentially dangerous conditions. Around 12:40 p.m. ET, officials announced that gates would not re-open for the day.

“We are disappointed that our patrons could not enjoy today’s practice round, however safety must be our first concern. We look forward to seeing these patrons next year,” said Billy Payne, chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament.

The bright side is that the remainder of the week is forecasted to be dry and sunny.

Studio AP – Golf Channel Studios: Live From the Masters (2-5 p.m. ET) at Augusta National Golf Club

On how playing with eventual Masters Champion Phil Mickelson in 2004 helped him during a 2005 chase for a green jacket:

Chris DiMarco (@ChrisDiMarco)– “I was able to watch how to win the Masters from the best seat in the house, right there beside him. It helped me so much because I saw how he did it. He went out and made birdies. He didn’t just sit back and wait for somebody to do it. You see people who win the Masters, they go get it on the back nine. That’s how it happens.”

On Mickelson’s playing style and what it would mean to win his fourth Masters:

Jaime Diaz (@JaimeDiaz24) – “I think Phil’s an all-time great because of his victory total and his majors. But to get into that major category with a guy who really is not the most controlled ball striker, I just think really shows just what a genius he is, really. I think it would give him sort of a Seve aura.”

On putting at Augusta National:

John Cook (@johncookgolf) – “It’s ultra-important to have that cup speed around Augusta. Not having the ball just chase into the hole, but finding its way into the hole.”

Live From the Masters (2-5 p.m. ET)

On chances of first-time players winning the Masters:

Tim Rosaforte (@TimRosaforte) – “I think Patrick Reed is the guy who’s the most dangerous as a first-timer here, having gone to Augusta State … he just believed he was the best player on the golf course, stuff you can’t teach, no fear. Some of it perceived as arrogance, saying he was a top-five player in the world … and when asked about it he said ‘nah, I don’t want to take it back.’”

On Masters invitations to amateur champions:

Charlie Rymer (@CharlieRymerGC): “I love the tradition that Bobby Jones established in opening this golf tournament to the best of amateurs. Really, really something special for this event – like Drive, Chip and Putt – it’s meaningful … something that really helps to grow the game of golf.”

On defending Masters Champion Adam Scott:

Arron Oberholser (@ArronOberholser)- “His game is built for this kind of stuff. He’s built for difficult golf courses, built for courses like Augusta National. I believe he’s also built to win U.S. Opens, I mean, as long at the putter comes along for the ride and can do the things that it needs to do to win those championships, the ball striking is usually going to be there.”

Golf Channel Notable Quotes for Monday, April 7, 2014 – Live From the Masters (7-9 p.m. ET – 1st hour)

Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

On what makes the Masters different among the four major championships:

Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel) – “This one, unlike the other three, is not about attrition. This one is not about running away from the dragon, it’s about slaying the dragon. This one gives us heroes, not survivors. This golf course encourages bold play, it rewards bold play. And that combined with the beauty of this place and the way it’s presented makes almost everything that happens here throughout the week unforgettable.”

On why recent playing performance does not necessarily determine a Masters Champion:

Frank Nobilo (@FrankNobiloGC) – “When it came down to it, Adam Scott had played only four times (in 2013). Cabrera had just one top-20. So, once again, it shows you that form, coming into Augusta, the first major of the year often does not count.”

On the absence of Tiger Woods at the Masters:

Nobilo – “It creates a void, but in some respects we don’t have to fill that void. If anything, we’re forced to move our focus. It’s going to take a brave player to win this week. Because chances are it’s someone we’re not looking at right now. There are some young players that have been extremely brave this year, so they give the game a lot of hope. They won’t fill the void but, at least, they’ll give us a distraction that I think we’ll really enjoy this week.”

On Phil Mickelson at the Masters:

Chamblee – “When he turns off Washington Road down Magnolia Lane, he may be Bruce Wayne, but by the end of it he’s Batman. It almost doesn’t matter what form Phil Mickelson has when he comes into this place. It was designed for Phil Mickelson.”

On advantage left-handed players have at Augusta National:

Chamblee – “They have a tremendous advantage. I do believe when the new ball came out in 2003, it became much harder to draw the ball than to cut the ball. That gave an advantage to the left-handed players and I don’t think, by a long shot, that it’s any coincidence that three of them have won five of the last 11. And, of course, one of them is one of the best players of all time in Phil Mickelson.”

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