Going Deep with Ira Waters Snags House of Cards “Claire Underwood” Interview

The Highly Anticipated Third Season of House of Cards Premieres This Friday; Hilarious Parodies– From Sesame Street’s House of Bricks to NEW Web Series, Going Deep With Ira Waters; Chatter on the web about Season 3 spoilers.

Step aside Barbara Walters, take a hike Charlie Rose, take note Oprah and Ellen, well, Ellen can stay, but Ira Waters is the new and entirely over-confident journalist in Hollywood and she’s fierce.

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The anticipation and excitement surrounding tomorrow’s premiere of the third season of House of Cards on Netflix, is leading people to do a lot more than twiddle their thumbs.

You can find the hashtag #Houseofcards in every corner of the Twittersphere, while the non-stop chatter on Facebook and fan sites is coming closer to breaking the internet than all of the pics of the naked Kardashians put together. But no matter where you look, everyone has something to say about the impending glory that is all things political depravity, lies, and Claire Underwood.

Even Sesame Street got in on the action. Thge PBS children’s series headed down to Pennsylvania Avenue to blow down a few pig’s houses and take over the White Brick House in its hilarious parody of House of Cards, entitled “House of Bricks”:

Sesame Street’s Frank Underwolf is depicted as an apt representation of Frank Underwood, the man we simultaneously hate and love, admire and detest, a “blowhard” wolf in sheep’s clothing, only, in Underwolf’s case, instead of sheep’s clothing it’s just a really nice suit (for more on Frank Underwood’s “no-nonsense dress code”). Underwolf doesn’t miss a hair on Underwood’s chinny chin chin.

There are a million GIFs out there snipping the best lines of the series, with Claire’s evil bon mots caught for perpetuity.

Liz Iacuzzi’s one-woman web series, clearly stands out as the trump card in YouTube’s deck of parodies. Her new webseries, Going Deep with Ira Waters, is available on YouTube today.

The first full episode airs today and features Claire Underwood.

Going Deep with Ira Waters is the wild brain-child of creator, writer, and actor, LA-based comedienne, Liz Iacuzzi, who plays every character on the show, men, women, and the androgynous interviewer, Ira Waters. Iacuzzi’s Second City training definitely comes through, and her ability to play characters with such varied personalities makes the series great fun to watch.  Not afraid to come at her guests with guns a blazing, she has one singular focus: getting her guests go deep to reveal something they’ve never revealed on TV or maybe ever. Ira will do anything it takes and then some to make sure her viewers got what they came for.

The first season includes five episodes and the first episode featuring Claire Underwood is being released today for the first time and then each of the remaining four episodes will be released before the end of June 2015 (follow @theiacuzzi on instagram to stay up to date on when the subsequent episodes will be released).

In this initial season, Ira’s “gets” are an A-List of characters: Claire Underwood, House of Cards; Lady Edith Crawley, Downton Abbey; Detective Rust Cohle from True Detective; Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett from Orange is the New Black; and Hillary Clinton.


In spite of the House of Cards spoilers that have been running amok, Beau Willimon, creator of House of Cards, told The Hollywood Reporter:

“There’s plenty of speculation on the Web in terms of what people gathered from watching those first 20 minutes or people who scrubbed ahead to subsequent episodes…and all I will say is some of that speculation is right and some of it is wrong. But I won’t tell you which is which.”

Episode Breakdowns:

  • Episode 1: Ira interviews House of Card’s Claire Underwood where she breaks through Claire’s tough exterior and gets the first lady to discuss the forbidden topic: her desire to have children.
  • Episode 2: Ira interviews Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey. — Considering Ira only asked Lady Edith to come on the show because her sister Lady Mary couldn’t, in this episode Ira attempts to get as much info about Lady Mary from Edith as possible.
  • Episode 3: Ira interviews Hillary Clinton and tries to get her to talk about running for president as well as gain insider White House secrets.
  • Episode 4: Ira interviews Rust Cohle from True Detective. Seeing as Rust is already deep, Ira spends most of the interview trying to seduce him.
  • Episode 5: Ira interviews Tiffany Pensatucky from Orange is the New Black. Tiffany’s plan to use this interview a platform to spread her devout view, backfires.

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