God of War sex scene set to reignite media attacks?

Considering the recent scathing and wholly inaccurate media attention directed towards BioWare’s Mass Effect, you’d perhaps expect fear-mongering broadcasters to be trawling through retail shelves for existing software they can label guilty of promoting gaming’s apparent penchant for lewd and lascivious content.

Yet that doesn’t appear to be happening. Indeed, while Mass Effect was wrongly singled out for a ridiculously brief and non-interactive love scene that wouldn’t look out of place on a host of prime time TV shows, much more overtly crass and sexually-motivated software seems to go unnoticed.

But then, critically acclaimed titles like Mass Effect are perhaps more inclined to single themselves out for scrutiny based on high-profile reputation, while releases such as Playboy the Mansion and anything from the Leisure Suit Larry series are more likely to fade without trace.

Bearing that in mind, it’s unlikely that broadcasters intent on spreading their thick brand of videogame FUD are going to avert their gaze upon viewing the following clip.

Taken from God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP), the new handheld entrant to the hugely popular God of War series, which first found fame on the PlayStation 2, the clip opens with antihero Kratos happening upon a pair of naked (twin) maidens eager to express their affectionate appreciation to the long-suffering Spartan warrior — a gameplay option that can lead the player into an interactive sexual situation.

With one maiden on all-fours and the other openly topless, the game camera moves away from the ensuing ‘action,’ focusing on a nearby (phallic) candle that rocks, shakes, and spews wax as the player performs button prompts and analogue stick movements to govern the impact of each suggested thrust being experienced by the young women.

To make matters worse, the game’s audio builds to a crescendo of orgasmic moans should the player time their button presses and stick swirls correctly. Then, once spent, the camera moves back to Kratos who, without even leaving his mobile number, is free to continue with his quest — or engage in another session of fleshy entanglement should the player so desire.

Of course, beyond a revealed breast, nothing remotely sexual can actually be seen during the gameplay clip, but, given the current climate where sex and videogames is concerned, it’s difficult to imagine media sources choosing to ignore the temptation to once again pillory a high-profile release.

It’s also worth noting that God of War and God of War II both contain similar sexual encounters that could well be referenced in any forthcoming attack — which wiil conveniently overlook that these games are clearly marked as ’M for Mature’ by the ESRB and should not be given over to minors by either retailers or parents.

Ticking time bomb? You decide.

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