Ghost Milk – Book Review

A reflective and somewhat uneasy read looking at the sociological implications of the Olympics from the viewpoint of a Londoner. At times there is even black comedy present.  He talks of his background in East London and his involvement in dockyard scams, pilfering and destroying goods. 

Much of the book focuses on the Olympics and the effect on the local economy and population.  Ashe points out, the whole development has not been particularly popular with local people.  Fences are sprayed with comments like ‘a pox on the Olympics’, and he refers to the ‘frenzy of indifference awaiting the Olympic torch’. 

He also alleges that the Olympics have set off a deluge of cyber-crime, with tickets that are not tickets, and how he discovered his bank account was being used for hiding drug related money – then told it happens all the time.

Interesting, different but at times a bit confusing as you try and follow the varying threads.