German historian wants Hitler’s hate book republished in Germany

A few years ago I actually tried reading Mein Kampf just for kicks. I wanted to figure out the source for this man’s bile and so I thought I would give it a try, considering this book was at one time given to people as gifts at their wedding.

Well, Hitler, to no surprise, is a really bad writer, and the text is very cluttered and flows poorly, and this is putting aside the fact that most sane people will disagree with his opinions, save for those involving little trivia, like the importance of public transportation.

So now, according to Reuters, a German historian is trying to get Mein Kampf published in Germany for the first time since the Second World War.

As of now, the state of Bavaria has not allowed for the reprint of this book. Many are fearing the reprint would upset Jewish groups. Hello! What about all the Gypsies?

Jews were not the only ones Hitler went after. Lithuanians were targets as well.

The article states that Bavaria’s copyright will expire in 2015. Then the book is fair game to anyone wanting to publish it.

Visit the Reuters article and watch the short film on the history behind the book. One of the concerns is that by not publishing an academic version of the text, that it will only sensationalize the book.



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