Gerard Butler surfing accident

Gerard Butler was injured while filming Of Men and Mavericks, reported first by the San Mateo County Times.

Butler was hospitalized Sunday in Northern California after he was pulled under some big waves, and was subsequently rescued.

Butler was being filmed at Mavericks, a big-wave surfing spot just north of Half Moon Bay where the break conditions favor some of the best surfing in the world during the winter, with waves reported as high as 80 feet.

The actor surfed while the waves were reportedly breaking in the 10-12-foot range. While Butler and three competitive surfers, Greg Long, Zach Wormhoudt and Peter Mel, tried to avoid getting swamped, a bigger set of waves slammed into them.

Wormhoudt said to the San Mateo County Times that Butler was sucked underwater while tethered to his board and held down for two waves.

Butler was taken by ambulance to nearby Stanford Medical Center where he was briefly held for observation and then released.


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