George Strait – ‘Twang’ – Album Review

George Strait’s new studio album ‘Twang’ is another treat for fans of the country music icon, and another example of what makes him one of the genre’s greatest performers.

“Twang’ is the follow-up to his platinum-certified studio album ‘Troubadour’ – which went on to be named “Best Country Album” at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

The album kicks off with the title track (which was co-written by Strait). The song is the perfect way to start the album, and is an example of the classic country music sound –which is a welcome change to some of the studio polish that is attached to many country singers today.

Strait gets reflective with “Where Have I Been All My Life.” Like “Twang,” the song is a perfect for the singer – who has managed to accomplish so much success with his musical career. His voice on the album is as solid as it has ever been, and every track is a winner for fans.

‘Twang’ is a blend of country ballads (such as “Living for the Night”); honky tonk songs (such as “Hot Grease and Zydeco”); and the classic Strait sound (as heard on “I Gotta Get to You”). The singer doesn’t stray too far from his established formula, but if you are a fan of classic country music this is not a bad thing.

The album might not win the music legend any new fans, but it clearly demonstrates his love for his genre. It is well worth taking the time to give it a listen. I enjoyed ‘Troubadour’ a tad better than ‘Twang’, but the album makes it clear that Strait is still an important cornerstone of country music.

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