George Clooney on Britney and the WGA strike

Actorvist George Clooney has commented on the rumor mill that implies he might broker some sort of mediation for the WGA and work with chieftain Patric Verrone to resolve the stalemate of the writer’s strike.

At the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards gala in New York City last night, Extra reporter AJ Calloway spoke with George Clooney regarding the scuttle that he would act as a mediator for the WGA.

“I’m not a negotiator at all.” He said that going into politics was not in his immediate future stating, “No, no. Not right now. That’s not my move.”

Along with Clooney, actors Denzel Washington and Ben Affleck were on hand at the event.  They also had the writer’s strike on their minds.

“It’s my prayer that they resolve this quickly,” Washington told Extra. Affleck added, “Every day that it goes on is a shame.”

When asked about Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy, Clooney revealed he couldn’t be happier for his former co-star and friend.

“I’m excited. When does it happen? Soon? What’s the gestation period nowadays?” Clooney is such a kidder. Ask Fabio about that. 

The saga of Britney Spears also elicited a comment from Clooney.

“Somewhere in there, you hope she’ll get a chance to get some help. That’s what you think she might need,” Clooney added.

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