George Clooney is full of baloney

Saint George Clooney, resident prankster and all-around swell is miffed someone in Italy tried to market a line of clothing wth his sterling name. notes that the Kentucky kid has been complaining about a pair of Italian designers who are using his name and likeness to promote their fashion line:

Says George: “If someone tries to sell you clothes or watches that are based on me, don’t buy them,” Clooney, 46, told reporters Wednesday in Rome, where he was promoting his new film, “Leatherheads.”

The website noted that it is common practice for American stars to hawk products in commercials overseas, and cites the example Bill Murray set in “Lost in Translation.”

Seems Clooney sells a lot of stuff overseas, including watches for Omega.

Deceiver claims: “Clooney gets all huffy when you mention that he makes extra bank shilling for companies in foreign countries.”

Omega, the Swiss watch company named their star hawker Clooney of their timepieces as Omega Ambassador and allegedly is making the “Ocean’s Eleven” star rich.

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