Gary Dell’Abate interview: ‘Beat the Booey’ on Howard TV On Demand

Gary Dell’Abate has struck out on his own TV show for Howard TV On Demand, called “Beat the Booey.”

Do you know Howard’s middle name? Or when Artie Lange made his first appearance on the show? In the weekly Howard-themed trivia game show, three contestants match Howard Stern trivia wits against long-time Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate for the chance at $5,000.

Gary Dell’Abate is the long-suffering producer of the Howard Stern radio show, and is often the brunt of Stern’s entourage’s jokes and the subject of song parodies.

Howard has always noted Gary’s uncanny ability to quickly recall details of events that happened decades ago which adds a great deal to their lng-running show.

The quiz show questions will test Stern aficionados on wide-ranging antics and memories such as Wack Pack trivia; Howard’s early days of radio and controversial moments from the show such as the day Amy Fisher walked out on an appearance. 

The special is scattered with entertaining video footage and special “Booey Video” from past Stern shows.  Jon Hein is the host of the wrap-up show. 

Beat the Booey runs through the end of October.  Beat the Booey is one of seven new exclusive uncensored programs, available only on Howard TV, all set to debut throughout the remainder of 2008.

In the first episode of the “Beat the Booey” show, Gary takes on Steve, Iris and loud-mouthed Dave. Gary makes an accurate prediction, the contestants watch as Joey Boots kisses another man and Benji show off his Hoola Hooping skills in the Video Vault.

Monsters and Critics got a chance to ask Gary Dell’Abate about his show.

The show really finds the Howard fans who know their trivia, can you tell us more about how that process is done, how they find the contestants to square off before the winner faces you?

Gary: The TV guys really handled that aspect of it.  They solicited for fans,
gave them a short quiz and pre-interviewed everybody.  That is how they got
to the game.

Obvious question – has anyone bested you in Howard’s show trivia?

Gary: Yes, I lost two out of the five games, although I heavily dispute one of them.  I was surprised at how long it took me to remember some of the stuff.  I guess I’m getting older and my mind is a little slower.

Where did BabaBooey come from? What’s the story on that moniker?

Gary:  You know it’s really funny, no one has really asked me that question…(pause)…I’ve only answered 15 million times.  So this is officially my last time – I used to collect animation art and there was this character called Baba Looey.  I wanted to get that cel, and I accidentally called him “Baba Booey”.  The guys started making fun of me and I said this joke will last 15 minutes.  That was in 1989.

You guys have worked together for a lifetime it seems, Kids, marriages, and old age, did you think you would be with him your whole career?

Gary:  When I first got the job I was just happy to have a full time job in the
business.  I thought to myself, if I could do this for a year then I would have a year’s experience and go somewhere else and get a better paying job. That was 24 years ago, I never imagined I’d be here this long, but I love

Has there ever been a moment working with Howard when you said, that’s
it, no more?  What caused it?

Gary: He’s gotten me pretty angry over the years but never to the point where I
thought about quitting.  I guess I just have a thick skin.

Person in the Stern entourage you are closest to, and person you are not?

Gary: I probably say that I’m closest to Howard because I have direct conversation with him early in the morning and throughout the morning.  We also talk in the afternoons, on the weekend or even over vacation.  I’ve also seen him a lot more socially these last few years.  I think we’re closer in age now then when I was 25.

As far as whom I’m least closest to, I really don’t have an answer for that.

In retrospect, when you hear the questions asked of the contestants, are you ever regretful of any produced stunts you may have arranged or overseen?

Gary:  I really don’t regret anything we’ve ever done.  It’s all been done in the
spirit of good fun and without malice.

What was your finest moment with the Stern show?

Gary: For me it was the show we did on 9/11 and the week after that.  We really
stopped being funny and were able to provide people with information. 

I always think it’s funny how people talked about how Letterman was such a
hero because he came back after two weeks.  We never missed a day.

Tell me the most worrisome or oddest listener you have had to manage in the Stern show history?

Gary: I would, but the restraining order is still in effect.

Tell us what makes the perfect Beat the Booey contestant?

Gary: 5’9″, blonde, 36C, and she owns a chocolate factory.

The Beat the Booey show is up on Howard TV until the end of October 2008

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