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Gullible? Need a Wii? Buy a painted version!

By Stevie Smith Dec 28, 2007, 15:03 GMT

Gullible? Need a Wii? Buy a painted version!

Not quite as good as the real thing. Credit: WantsForSale.

"Stupid is as stupid does…"

Christine and Justin are a couple based in New York with a plan of simple genius designed to separate the gullible from their cash. The couple’s Web site, which is called ‘wantsforsale’ sells paintings of all the things they want from life, with the prices representative of whatever is depicted in the painting.

For example, Christine and Justin would really like a Nintendo Wii. Should anyone be (stupid enough?) willing to offer up the retail price for Nintendo’s hit console in return for the canvas-bound interpretation then the eager couple will immediately purchase said Wii and cross that particular item off their list of material ‘wants.’

Of course, while the likes of Apple’s iPhone is also on the list, not everything is as expensive or extravagant as the year’s most popular tech gadgets. If visitors to the site invest a mere $65.00 USD for a painting of EA’s Madden NFL 08 or Bungie’s Halo 3, Christine and Justin will duly purchase said games for their Xbox 360 console (which there is no painting of so we assume they’ve already obtained). A further $65.00 USD will get the couple a second guitar for Guitar Hero 2 on the PlayStation 2.

Or, if that’s still too pricey for the less easily-swayed art lover, then how about $12.70 USD for some spicy buffalo wings or $3.00 USD for a slice of pepperoni pizza?

Some might label wantsforsale as little more than a blatant attempt to rely on the funds of others to cash in on personal materialistic need - while passing off less-than-impressive ‘paintings’ by way of return - but the couple would also like to secure cash for worthy causes too.

$360 USD will secure a painting of a cake to help "save kids in Africa," while $100 USD for a simple map painting of New Orleans will go some way to helping those affected by the flood disaster.

Sadly, however, while the couple’s venture is to perhaps be applauded for its ambition and simplicity, the paintings they are offering do not, in the main, reflect the level of buyer generosity they represent and are therefore unlikely to loosen purse strings... especially when it comes to the $1,000,000 USD price tag attached to the "financial security" painting.

Good luck with that.

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