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NPD figures reveal PlayStation 3 is still floundering

By Stevie Smith Jan 18, 2008, 17:59 GMT

NPD figures reveal PlayStation 3 is still floundering

NPD figures reveal the PS3 still has considerable ground to make up on its rivals. Credit: Sony.

When it comes to the ever-increasing performance and value of the videogame industry, 2007 certainly did its utmost to put pay to any lingering doubts put forth by frowning detractors. With all three home console hardware players now firmly up on their gaming feet, and the latter half of 2007 exuding hit after hit after hit in the run up to Christmas, gaming continues its rise as a mainstream entertainment medium.

Of course, a reliance on official numbers always helps bolster such a position, which is where the NPD Group comes in. Specifically, the renowned research group has this week revealed the US videogame sales figures for both December 2007 and the entire year - and they make for pretty impressive reading, if you're not a PlayStation 3 fan.

From a hardware perspective, Nintendo rules the roost with its DS handheld topping the year with a staggering 8.50 million sales for 2007 (a massive 2.47 million of which came in December), while the Wii follows close behind with a total of 6.29 million unit sales (1.35 million taken in the December rush).

Microsoft holds on to third place for the year with 4.62 million Xbox 360s sold (1.26 in December), with the stalwart PlayStation 2 sitting in fourth with 3.97 million unit sales (1.1 million for December), and the PlayStation Portable stealing fifth with 3.82 million sales (1.06 million in December).

While the PlayStation 3 has gained a modicum of retail momentum following price cuts and the introduction of the value 40GB model, Sonyís powerhouse console still only managed to sell 2.56 million units in 2007, with 797.600 of that total arriving in the yearís feverish final month.

In terms of monthly comparison, the DS sold 1.53 million in November, while the Wii sold 981,000 and the Xbox 360 managed to move 770,000 units. Sony again rounded out the latter sales positions with the PlayStation Portable amassing 567,000 units, the PlayStation 2 racking up 496,000 and the PlayStation 3 bringing up the rear with a mere 466,000.

In the software stakes, Bungieís Halo 3 (Xbox 360) topped 2007ís chart with 4.82 million units sold, while Wii Play (with Wii Remote) followed close behind with 4.12 million, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) filled out the top three with a solid 3.04 million units. The top five is completed with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2) with 2.72 million, and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) with 2.52 million.

The remainder of the yearís top ten was padded by Pokemon Diamond (DS - 2.48 million), Madden NFL 08 (PS2 - 1.90 million), Guitar Hero 2 (PS2 - 1.89 million), Assassinís Creed (360 - 1.87 million), and Mario Party 8 (Wii - 1.82 million). Not one PlayStation 3 title made the year's top ten.

Other interesting industry totals for the month of December included a total videogame software sales figure of $4.82 billion USD, videogame hardware sales of $1.83 billion USD, and videogame accessories sales of $621,600 USD.

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