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Sony announces PlayStation Network Tickets

By Casey Lynch May 8, 2007, 21:43 GMT

Sony announces PlayStation Network Tickets

Like Microsoft and Wii points, Sony rolls out its solution for gamers without credit cards.

Do you live in Japan, own a PS3, and have no access to a credit card, rendering you unable to purchase anything off the super sweet Japanese PlayStation Store?

Well, unless youíre planning on going out and picking up the new World of Warcraft Visa, Sony Computer Entertainment just announced a solution for non-plastic toting gamers.

Come June, SCE will launch PlayStation Network Tickets, a form of electronic money for use at the Japanese PS Store, available in units of 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000 yen for purchase at convenience stores throughout Japan. Each ticket will have its own 12 digit code for charging up your wallet via the PS Network.

This system is a bit different from the card systems that Microsoft and Nintendo use for their virtual shops. Wii and Xbox Live point cards are available for purchase at standard retailers throughout Japan. Sonyís tickets will conversely be available through electronic kiosks at 26,000 convenience stores like Lawsons, Daily Yamazaki, Mini Stop and Family Mart. The tickets will also be available at 26,000 (seems like 26,000 is the magic number here) post office ATM machines, although you'll have to first register via a special mobile website.

Sony hasnít announced a similar program for the UK or US, but we imagine it will work differently given the fact that other markets outside of Japan arenít as convenience store-centric and buy most of their gaming wares via retail outlets.

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