'Shaun White Snowboarding' carves its way onto DS and PSP

Those snowboarding fans out there with only a portable gaming system will be happy to know that Shaun White Snowboarding is currently in development for the Nintendo DS and PSP. The game is scheduled for release on November 13, 2008.

Developed in close collaboration with Shaun White, Olympic Gold Medalist and eight-time X Games Gold Medalist, Shaun White Snowboarding for the PSP and DS is built from the ground up on both platforms, each version includes exclusive and unique features.

Key features of Shaun White Snowboarding for Nintendo DS:

– Create your own runs and choose your path down four open mountains. Each path offers its own risks, rewards and opportunities.

- Stylus Controls – Simply flick the stylus to jump, draw a circle to spin, or slide it across to control your carves.

- Wireless Multiplayer for four

- Customize Your Rider and Your Gear

Key features of Shaun White Snowboarding for the PSP:

– With five mountains and a variety of slopes.

- Single and Multiplayer Modes – Progress through solo campaign or select and replay specific slope challenges. Multiplayer featuring co-op and competitive modes.

- All tricks and actions are available right from the beginning.

- Points are allotted based on Speed, trick, slide and carve, rather than simply tricking – link these together to increase your skill rewards.

- Earn experience points and build up your rider’s attributes.

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