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GuildCafe introduces social networking to the world of online gaming

By Derek Boiko-Weyrauch Dec 5, 2006, 0:09 GMT

Social networking is no new thing. But social networking for games... that's a different thing entirely. GuildCafe has taken the plunge into this new domain, and brings the splendors and terrors of MySpace and Facebook to the world of MMORPGs with its recently-opened beta. It gives gamers the ability to create profiles and link up with friends, as well as take tests to qualify their gamer types and gain different types of points to quantify their popularity. As with any social networking service, the popularity is mainly determined by the number of users that join up, so it will be interesting to see how the service both attracts and holds on to its user base.

It has yet to be seen whether or not users will post grainy and distorted webcam pictures of their avatars, however...

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