Gabriel Byrne gives Oprah a reality check

You have to give it up for the straight-talking Irishman, Gabriel Byrne.  Byrne has had it with the digital airbrush happy editors for “O”, Oprah’s magazine and has launched a scathing attack on Oprah Winfrey for promoting “unrealistic” beauty.

The 57-year-old actor blasts “O” for its relentlessly “doctored” images, insisting the practice further warps people’s expectations and reality checks, distorting the idea of how a normal person should look at a certain age, reported WENN.

Byrne claimed Winfrey looked “impossibly youthful” on the cover of the publication. He says to WENN, “Every single picture was airbrushed. Women look at those pictures and say, ‘Why don’t I look like that?’ and husbands say, ‘Why doesn’t my wife look like that at 50?’                                 

“There’s a picture of Oprah on the cover where she looks about 12. If I bought a magazine and put pictures of myself looking 19, somebody would say to me, ‘Stop it’.

“I saw this hilarious as that had this woman with two tiny wrinkles by her eyes. It said, ‘This is what you look like at 60.’ I know nobody who looked like that even at 20.”

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