Future M&C Interview guest speaks of latest novel

Pete Hamill’s latest novel, called North River, is one that is set in New York during the Great Depression. In August, M&C will be interviewing Hamill on his career, personal philosophies and life work.

“There’s no one New York. There’s multiple New Yorks. … Anybody who sits and says, `I know New York’ is from out of town,” Hamill told the Associated Press. It is said that his latest novel is filled with rich detail of 1930s Brooklyn, from the types of candy in the candy store, to the citizens themselves. Just thinking this, puts one in mind of the great classic Betty Smith novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a book that reaches over 500 pages and yet seems to end too quickly. In Smith’s book, readers can almost smell the bread in the bakery it is so rich with detail and description. Click here to read an in-depth review of the novel.

Hamill has also written short stories, and a review of his book Tokyo Sketches can be found here. At 72, he has shown he is a prolific writer with craft and skill. For more information on Pete Hamill’s interview with the Associated Press, click here.