Frozen to Death – Book Review

McFadyen is definitely a mystery writer to watch.  Each book has got better and better. Set in rural Lancashire, heavy snows have been forecast.  Detective Inspector Steve Carmichael and his wife have been invited to a Valentine’s Day dinner party by Caroline Lovelace, the presenter of a TV chat show. 

Not far away, a frozen corpse is being slowly buried by the snow and a sailor on a broken narrowboat is wishing he was elsewhere.

What are the links between the various events?  After all, the Carmichaels had previously had no contact with Caroline Lovelace – the invitation had come as a surprise.  The resultant mystery is well crafted and engrossing. 

Once I started reading, I just had to finish the book.  The story line is complex and there are plenty of red herrings – especially when opposing police departments get involved. 

This is the third book by McFadyen and I really look forward to more by this very promising crime writer.  His characters are believable, interesting and lively and plotting is masterly.