From the creators of ReBoot comes the second season of Shadow Raiders.


Created by Mainframe Entertainment, the company responsible for the hugely popular ReBoot TV series, SHADOW RAIDERS (aka War Planets) is a multi-million dollar sci-fi series that, like its predecessor, utilises state of the art CGI animation to tell the epic tale of a small band of diverse characters fighting against a common enemy.
Now, following the July release of the complete first series of this groundbreaking CGI animated action-adventure, SHADOW RAIDERS SERIES TWO is being made available on DVD for the first time ever in the UK as a specially priced two-disc edition courtesy of Metrodome. Featuring all 12 episodes of the show’s first season, SHADOW RAIDERS SERIES TWO contains over 5 hours of eye-popping sci-fi entertainment.
As the cataclysmic assault of the Beast Planet and Lamprey continues, the Alliance finds itself in desperate retreat from the enemy’s advances upon Planet Ice.
Tekla makes a perilous journey to Ice as Jade and Femur crash-land on a Prison Planet. In search of their fellow Alliance members, Graveheart and Cryos discover an ongoing civil war between Prison Planet leader Sternum and a rebel named Jewelia, who enlists Graveheart to join her. As Sternum convinces the unwitting Jade to fight for him, an unnatural disaster strikes.
Control of the Prison Planet becomes a race for survival as it is revealed that King Mantle is launching a final attack on the Beast Planet. With the Alliance facing certain annihilation, it is up to one of the rebels to finally reveal their true nature and save the universe once and for all.
The two-disc edition of SHADOW RAIDERS SERIES TWO (cert. PG), featuring all 13 episodes of the second series, will be released on DVD (£15.99) by Metrodome on 8th August 2005. Bonus extras include DVD-ROM content featuring the original shooting script for each episode.

‘Shadow Raiders Season 2′ is available for pre-order via AmazonUK, and as of yet no US release date has been given.
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