Foxy enters guilty plea to salon assault and gets three years probation

Rap diva Foxy Brown plead guilty to misdemeanor assault Monday for charges that resulted from the rapper getting into a fight with salon workers over the cost of a manicure. The guilty plea will spare the performer any jail time, but will place her on three years probation.

Brown was also ordered to take anger management classes. Her official sentencing was scheduled for Oct. 23, according to information from Edison Alban – a spokesman for the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Brown (whose real name is Inga Marchand)  had second thoughts about the plea agreement after it was entered, and tried to get the verdict withdrawn by claiming she had been rushed into making the decision. The judge on the case refused her and ordered that the agreement be upheld.

The rapper’s change of heart echoed her December court appearance when the case was almost settled, and Brown was expected to enter a guilty plea. The December deal was voided when the judge felt Brown’s plea statement was not good enough. It was felt that the rapper didn’t take enough responsibility for the assault.

Brown’s court drama was the result of an altercation with an employee at Bloomie Nails after an argument over the manicure’s cost. Brown was reported to have kicked one employee and slapped another employee in the face.


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