Former Monkee Peter Tork works through his cancer treatment

“The Monkees” smallscreen series was a popular kids Saturday morning show that cast four featured musicians, put together in 1966 for a run that lasted until 1968.  The group featured Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith.

Now it has been revealed that former Monkees star Peter Tork is battling cancer.

Tork was born Peter Halsten Thorkelson in Washington, D.C. and began studying piano at the age of nine, and showed an aptitude for music by learning to play several different instruments, including the banjo and acoustic and bass guitars, according to his official fan website.

Tork moved to New York City in his college years, where he became part of the folk music scene in Greenwich Village during the first half of the 1960s. Musician and friend Stephen Stills was the one who suggested Tork audition for a new television series about four pop-rock musicians advertised in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety in 1965.

Tork got the job and became one of the four members of The Monkees, who ended up being both characters in a television sitcom and a band in their own right.

According to the National Enquirer, Peter Tork wrote in his Facebook:

“.weds I was greeted by the good doctor (may his tribe increase), with the stunning news that 10 weeks after my surgery, the cancer is back. I was so taken aback by the news that I wasn’t able to ask much. dr did say that the chance is about 80% that they will “get ahead” of the growth, and be able to control and shrink it…didn’t feel a thing during radiation…i thank you for your attention and concern.”

The Enquirer reported that Peter suffered from adenoid cystic carcinoma – a slow-growing, rare form of head and neck cancer that was discovered on the lower region of his tongue.

His publicist Therra Gwyn, shared with the Enquirer her 67 year-old client will still work through his treatment post-surgery.  “For him, anything is possible,” she said. “The guy was doing cartwheels at 65. He’s just not going to let this cancer get him down.”

“My plan is to rocket out of radiation and onto the stage!” said Tork to the Enquirer.

“My doctors have told me I may be a little hoarse. But I’ll make adjustments as needed. I have every intention of giving a rollicking good show.”

“When I’m singing with my band, that’s when I have that ‘God’s in his Heaven, all is right with the world’ experience” Peter added.

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