Former Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns looking to sue plastic surgeon

Singer Pete Burns, who became a figure in the pop industry with the arrival of the 1980s band Dead or Alive, is looking to file an estimated £1million lawsuit against a Harley Street surgeon for what Burns claims was failed surgery to remove lip implants.

Burns conducted an interview with the Standard where the singer claimed that after the surgery he looked as if he had been “mutilated with a Stanley knife.” The singer has claimed to have had more than 100 operations to fix the damage.

Burns’ lip problems have continued since 2000 when the singer attempted to have the implant removed. Since then, he has had his lips injected with “fillers” called Evolution and another called Outline.

Problems, such as swelling, blisters, discharge and lumps, have caused the singer to not only be disfigured, but made it to where he could only drink through straws and not leave his house for months.

He is claiming that the surgeries have also hurt his chances at a musical career – he was scheduled to record with members of the Pet Shop Boys and was looking into a several different solo projects.

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