Football player says in book how he faked an injury to avoid cut

According to the AP, Jerome Bettis “claims in a new book that he faked a knee injury during training camp in 2000 so the Pittsburgh Steelers wouldn’t cut him and install Richard Huntley as the starter,” the AP writer Alan Robinson reports.

His new book is called, The Bus: My Life in and Out of a Helmet. The article also states that Bettis’ recollections might be more “anecdotal than fact-based.”

Publisher’s Weekly has said, “Writing in an easygoing, honest voice, Bettis gives readers a good look at the inside stories of college recruiting, professional contracts and the agony of NFL injuries. He also dishes out opinions on players, calling former Rams quarterback Jim Everett soft as puppy fur and Denver Broncos linebacker Bill Romanowski a coward who specialized in cheap shots.”

The book is co-written with Gene Wojciechowski. Doubleday is the publisher.

For more information about his phony injury, read the entire AP article.

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