Flying Blind – Book Review

Zoe Sorensson is a normal teenage girl – and therein lies the problem.  She has always been told that she has an important destiny as the only female dragon shape shifter. The only problem is that she cannot access those powers.  Sent to a camp to try and encourage the emergence of her powers, Zoe quickly finds herself in danger.

The camp is a trap.  Mages are trying to eradicate all shifters – Zoe and her friends have become their next targets. Can Zoe gain her powers? Does she actually have any?  Can the highly competitive dragons work together or will they scupper all attempts at survival? 

Zoe has to learn self-confidence in herself and encourage co-operation among her friends – not an easy task.  It is a story of a girl growing to maturity, and trying to cope with a destiny that has been forced upon her.  A good teen story, which is engrossing and with a well thought out plot line. Zoe is an fascinating character with whom you can sympathize from day one.

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