Flood Justice – Book Review

An unusual mix of graphic novel with text based story that has all the humor and unusual qualities that are common to Mogzilla books. 

Most of London is underwater, having been flooded by rising tides. Jemima Mallard is a rebellious teenager who has just joined the Youth Police Department, responsible for policing the activities of young people. 

Is she serious or is she just trying to get revenge on her mother who is involved in a guerilla movement?  To make matters worse, London has just come under attack from strange boats crewed by masked raiders.

The Youth Police have to try and work with the Adult police to overcome the problem – that in itself is difficult given the natural conflict between the two groups especially with Jemima’s father in the Adult police! 

The action is fast and furious.  Something seems to happen on every page, with the text split into sections amid the graphic pictures.  It really brings the story alive. Not quite modern day, and not quite too far ahead in the future to be unbelievable it is a really good story, guaranteed to keep even the most reluctant teenage reader reading.