Five Things We Love About NBC’s New Comedy ‘One Big Happy’ VIDEOS


On March 17, NBC is where it’s at as two, thirty something besties (a lesbian and her best male hetero pal) decide to have a baby, but their plan becomes a little more complicated when one of them suddenly falls in love and gets married in the series premiere of One Big Happy (9:30/8:30).

Check out some sneak peeks and previews below!

We’re geeked out for this new, fun NBC comedy that producer, writer, actress, wunderkind Ellen Degeneres is fully behind and we love what we have seen so far… our top five highlights include:

One Big Happy - Season 1

1. Liz Feldman!


Feldman (Facebook)


We love the talented writer, comedian and showrunner Liz Feldman, (2 Broke Girls) whose approach to writing a lesbian lead character for network television works beautifully in this new series. Her multi-cam sitcom is a bit of a roman a clef, based on Feldman’s own life and how she wrestled emotionally with “losing” some aspects of her best straight male friend when he fell in love.

This upbeat series focuses on a lovely lesbian Lizzie (Elisha Cuthbert) and her “Lesbro” Luke (Nick Zano) who decide to have a baby together, but fate intervenes and he meets and falls hard for the loveable A.D.D. bombshell Prudence (Kelly Brook), who he sets out to marry. In the series (unlike Feldman’s real life) the twist is, Lizzie discovers she is pregnant when Luke and Prudence get engaged. Please make sure to catch Liz Feldman Monday, March 16th, on The Frank DeCaro Show (OutQ-Sirius XM Channel 106) at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST).

2. Elisha Cuthbert!


Cuthbert (Instagram)


One of our favorite Canadian imports, Elisha Cuthbert is so naturally funny and dead on for this interesting role. Feldman’s penned character Lizzie is brought to life by Cuthbert, who is pitch-perfect as the pretty petite blonde. Elisha is adorable and perfectly cast for this complicated situation. Yesterday at a luncheon to introduce the series to some area journalists, Feldman shared that for her, Elisha was a natural for the role of Lizzie, and and described her as the “heart and the soul” of the series. Cuthbert plays the role with the right amount of restraint and humor, determined to make the situation work. She is fortunate to have a friend in:

3.  Kelly Brook!


Brook (Instagram)


Kelly’s Prudence is gorgeous, buxom and tall, toothy and full of energy and life. She’s a natural magnet for Luke and wins his heart instantaneously. Timing is everything and Luke has a very important petite blonde bit o’ baggage who is firmly part of the equation too. “I love her [Prudence] larger than life energy, and she is just a child of the world, traveling here and there, but ultimately, she just wants to be wanted,” says Brook of her show stopping siren that must make a decision to include Luke’s child in their own home and relationship, so that she is not a spoiler in Lizzie and Luke’s history of friendship. “Episode four we learn that Prudence has a past,” teased Kent, England native Brook, who was thrilled to be working stateside and a part of this talented ensemble.

4. Nick Zano!


Nick’s Luke is played with an artful combination of physical comedy married with great lines and even better delivery. He’s the one caught between two loves, one platonic, one as a lover and one unknown on the way, a baby who will turn his life upside down. How will he fare during the pregnancy and subsequent delivery of his child with his best friend? This is the glue that holds this comedy together, the intentions here are good and the characters are truly loveable in different ways. Energetically, Nick is paired well with Elisha and Kelly, they have a great chemistry.

5. Multicamera Comedies!


The alchemy of any series is the marriage of great casting, writing. premise and timing. But most all of my favorite comedies of days past I cut my teeth on were multicam. This often criticized way of shooting a sit-com works in for this story.  There’s a good chance we will see a hybrid of the two styles, but for this particular show, the multi-camera set up works. Multi-camera to me was always a bit like theater, where dialogue and acting keep our attention. Single-camera sitcoms that are so prevalent now are very good too, but they have quicker cutaways and more abbreviated scenes.

First Look

Executive producer Ellen DeGeneres and stars Elisha Cuthbert, Nick Zano and Kelly Brook take you behind the scenes of One Big Happy.

One Big Happy Premieres March 17 (Promo)

Elisha Cuthbert, Nick Zano and Kelly Brook star in a new comedy from executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, premiering March 17 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

Luke’s Love Affair (Preview)

Luke’s burgeoning romance with Prudence has Lizzy in a tizzy on the series premiere of One Big Happy, March 17 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

A New Kind of Family (Preview)

Just when he and his best friend decided to have a baby, he met the love of his life. One Big Happy premieres March 17 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

Man Enough (Preview)

Nick Zano stars as Luke, a man juggling his new wife and his pregnant best friend, on One Big Happy, premiering March 17 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.