Five for Fighting launches charity-driven video upload site

John Ondrasik, main songwriter and leader of Five for Fighting, has put together a groundbreaking charity-driven video upload site

Inspired by lyrics from the new single “World” off his recent album ‘Two Lights’, hopes to raise money for a variety of charitable organizations handpicked by Ondrasik including Save The Children, Fisher House, Autism Speaks/National Alliance for Autism Research, New York Police & Fire Widows & Children’s Benefit Fund, VH1’s Save The Music Foundation and The Breast Cancer 3-Day.

Ondrasik was driven to the idea after receiving hundreds of unsolicited amateur music videos for his hit singles “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” and “100 Years.”  As he explained it, “People always seem to take these songs and make them their own, and I thought, well, how can we take that to the next level and maybe try to do a little good with the money along the way?”  At a time when many musicians are taking their songs off of the web, Five for Fighting is welcoming fans to create their own interpretations of the music they love. encourages fans of all filmmaking skills levels, from amateur to expert, to submit their own music videos for the song “World” answering the question, “What kind of world do you want?” 

The videos will be monetized by a revolutionary advertising model created by the digital video service,  Revver will host each video and add a relevant advertisement to the end of each clip. Each time the advertisements are clicked on, up to 49 cents will be donated to the video’s dedicated cause.  Anyone can contribute by giving only a moment of their time and a click of their mouse.

All video submissions to will be automatically entered in a contest to win a grand prize of a private show with John Ondrasik.  Winners will be chosen by the popularity of their submissions. For inspiration, entrants should look to the lyrics from “World,” ‘What kind of world do you want /Think anything / let’s start at the start / Build a masterpiece.’

‘Two Lights’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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