First and only in depth interview with great neglected poet of the 20th Century

Now the first in-depth interview with poet James Emanuel is available online, interviewed by Dan Schneider. Emanuel, who was born in 1921 and has been
neglected by critics—will go down in history as the most neglected poet of the 20th Century.

As culled from the introduction, Dan Schneider states: “While all of the first five interviewees have earned their fame via influential and/or excellent works, the fact is that this fifth DSI will likely be the most historically important one. This is not because this interview is leagues above the others, in terms of quality- although it is surely on par with the best of the rest, but because the four other writers have had so many interviews published in print and online, while this is the first and only in depth interview with this great writer. This adds to its truly historic literary significance, and will prove invaluable for scholars, historians, and researchers of the man’s art in the future.

Simply put, imagine a near 16,000 word interview (nearly 12,000 of which are Emanuel’s musings) with Homer, Tu Fu, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, or Hart Crane, and yours being the only outlet for the world to read it in full. And on top of that, owning the original typed copy of this invaluable document! And given Emanuel’s age (he was born in 1921), the chances of his replicating this feat for anyone else are slim.”

If you’d like to read the full interview, click here.


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