Firefly: Still Flying – Book Review

For fans of the short-lived series, Firefly still lives on. It is the little show that could. It will never die, the characters live in our hearts. A new book about the show, the characters, and behind the scenes info (many antidotes delightfully funny) give fans more.

And we clamor for more! Firefly is one of those shows that has such a fan base that normal people out there might not understand. If you are one of those clamoring, abnormal people that understand the difference between ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’ (Firefly is the type of ship; Serenity is its name), then those book is for you.

Filled with glossy, full-page pictures of the cast, every cast member has their pages allotted to their story: the story of how they were cast, how they mixed with the other cast members, what practical jokes they play on the set. 

Nathan Fillion even confesses to the kidnapping of a poor prop monkey and describes the hilarity that ensued (taken from a speech at a 2004 convention).

In addition to information of on the characters, the set, and how everything came together, there are four ‘short stories’ for your enjoyment. These are written by different people: What Holds Us Down by Jane Espenson, Fun with Dick and Jayne by Ben Edlund, Crystal by Brett Matthews, and Take the Sky by Jose Molina.

This is definitely a book made for fans. ‘Celebration’ is in the title. I am still in love with Firefly and all of the characters therein, and I very much enjoyed this reprising of a great show.

The book makes me want to break out the Blu-ray and re-watch…which I think I will do. And after I watch all thirteen episodes (in order, thank you very much), I will watch the movie. 

Highly recommended, it won’t disappoint. It is a beautifully done, glossy montage of nostalgia for a remarkable show.