Final Destination 5 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) – Blu-ray Review

The Final Destination franchise has never been ‘final’ per say but cheaply enough made with little known actors to make enough money to keep reinventing itself. The fifth installment is more of the same as its predecessors (don’t expect it to be too much different), but does have a clever twist at the end.

The way this one ‘ends’ the franchise is clever enough to warrant that there never, ever should another one made – but there will probably be a reboot at some point or a prequel or a sequel to a prequel or a remake to a remake that constitutes as a sequel to a prequel. It’s probably already in the works.

Like all the ones before the ones before, number five concerns a group of young people that have somehow managed to cheat death. And death is coming for them. One by one, death picks them off in grotesque and bloody, mangled ways.

The pretty much unknowns in this film that sacrificed themselves for the greater good of our misguided entertainment are: Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto), Molly (Emma Bell), Candice (Ellen Wroe), Olivia (Jacqueline Wood), Isaac (P.J. Byrne), Nathan (Arlen Escarpeta), and Dennis (David Koechner).

Body parts fly and eyes get gorged out. The ones that are left have to determine in what order they are dying and that they have in fact, managed to cheat death, but not really, because they are dropping like flies.

At some point, Tony Todd (who plays William Bludworth in all the films) shows up and mysteriously answers no questions and looks intimidating.  I have often thought that his character perhaps is a personification of death.

And then there is the clever character who really tries to cheat death, in this one, it is Miles Fisher – a real life Tom Cruise look-a-like who is playing Peter. Based on an incident that happens with Nathan (Arlen Escarpeta), Peter gets the bright idea that he should kill off someone else to take his place, and he picks Molly – who happens to be his best friend Sam’s love. She escaped in Sam’s vision and therefore is fair game for taking Peter’s place..

Does it work? Of course not, but you can probably deduct that based on the style of the film and that no one is going to get away with not dying on the bridge or in the airplane or at the racetrack or wherever it is that young, malleable persons hang out these days and have the potential to die in fiery, horrible ways.

In this film, the group cheats death on a bridge. “We were supposed to die!” is the montage of these films, and this one is not any different.

To give some credit where credit is due, the Finals are masters of building suspense. Whether it be on a balance beam with a sharp tack sticking straight up by the poor gymnast’s toes, or at a massage parlor when the sleazy character that you love to hate is getting acupuncture, or tied down to the operating table while the character gets laser eye surgery, the film builds upon your sense of “Ewwwww!”.

I found myself not wanting to look or even leaving the room as each death scene built. And usually, the deaths are creative enough that it wasn’t exactly how you were anticipating said character’s mangled corpse.

Like previous releases, the Blu-ray looks incredible and captures all the gory death in crystal clear detail. It also comes loaded with features that take you into the making of the film and show how they use the visual effects to bring all the big scenes to the screen.

The ending wraps up the films nicely, and I have to say that it was the best part. It ties it to the first Final Destination, when we thought there would be only one and then it made a ton of money and we had to continue to suffer through four more movies.

But I did like the ending. It is the best reason to watch, if you can make it that far. Two stars for film, plus one for the ending.

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