Fighting Fantasy – Forest of Doom – Book Review

First published back in the 1980’s, this book has long been out of print.  A welcome reissue of the Fighting Fantasy series has led to its return -and the introduction of the gaming concept to a whole new generation of readers. 

These books demand attention.  The choices made by the reader at any one point can alter the direction of the plot.  The reader is the hero and you have to decide which route to take, which dangers to risk and who to fight. 

This is a deadly journey into Darkwood Forest to help the Dwarf town of Stonebridge deal with battling trolls. Can you find the wizard who may have answers to the question of how to find the legendary hammer of the dwarfs?  Very pacy, very challenging, it is a story which will particularly appeal to teenage boys. 

An intriguing story line that challenges and can be read again and again – but the story will never be the same!