Feeling Seasick?

“Seasick” is the latest title by Gloria Nagy. According to a press release:

“A thriller and a social satire, it is a novel filled with hilarity, tragedy, and riveting suspense.  It also contains fascinating facts and minutia about cruises and cruise ships.  Ms. Nagy has researched the industry and America’s fascination with this vacation choice as few people have. Ms. Nagy’s previous novels include A House in the Hamptons, a New York Times best-seller.”

Some of the product description notes:

“Using her signature style of diamond sharp social satire, page-turning action and plot, humor and pathos, Gloria Nagy has written a true tour de force of a novel, set on the perfect metaphorical site; the most lavish cruise ship in the world; a symbol of a world gone mad with excess.

The ship, gliding serenely, reveals nothing of the turmoil within and its human cargo, mirroring the deception. Nothing and no one on the Palace of the Dolphins is what it seems, and none of them will return (those who do) unchanged.

Gloria Nagy is the author of nine previous books including the N.Y. Times best-seller, A House in the Hamptons. She lives with her husband Richard Saul Wurman in Newport, R.I. They have four children, six grandchildren and three yellow labs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who do not cruise.”

Published by Jorge Pinto Books Inc., the book was released May 1st. More info can be found on Amazon.

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