Federline lands role on popular C.S.I.

LOS ANGELES- On the heels of the Teen Choice Awards surreal performance, Kevin Federline’s rap career seemed to debut and die in one fell swoop.

His diligent “people” have landed the rapping rube a gig on the top television show, CSI.   Federline will play a teen thug who harasses the crack team of investigators in an October episode of “CSI“, and filming started Thursday night in Los Angeles.

People magazine reports that Federline has his thug persona honed and ready for our viewing pleasure.  “This is pretty much my first time acting. It’s the first time I’ve actually had a speaking role.”

“They told me they wanted it to be more of a natural thing that comes to me.” The offer to appear on the show came while he was rehearsing for the Teen Choice Awards.

“I pissed in my pants!” Kevin said. “I was excited right off the bat. It’s the only show that I really, really watch.”

If you can’t wait until October to see more of K-Fed on the small screen, his video for the song he performed at the Teen Choice Awards, “Lose Yourself,” will be released Sept. 5.


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