Federline: I deserve what’s coming to me

Stars, fancy cars, big livin’ rooms and indoor pools, are just a few of the things K Fed, now known as Fed Ex, is used to these days.  Federline, a father of four, was caught by surprise on his current marital status, and has vowed to fight back.

TMZ muses that Fed Ex may be “consigned to the Tom Arnold pseudo-celebrity husband scrap heap, Kevin Federline isn’t ready to let go of the lifestyle Britney Spears’ millions brought him.”

The fledgling rapper got himself a lawyer too, and is seeking spousal support from Brit, according to court papers filed yesterday, reports TMZ.com.

Federline, 28, also wants sole legal and physical custody of their two young sons, Sean and Jayden-both still in diapers. Meaning he is the responsible party.

Britney ain’t having it- y’all, she asked for full custody in her divorce petition, although she’s willin’ to give Fed Ex visitin’ rights.

Spears, 24, is said to have a super duper iron clad prenup agreement that will keep her soon-to-be-ex from getting his hands on the bulk of her assets.

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