FEARnet offers fans a chance to become movie stars

FEARnet (www.fearnet.com), one of the most popular horror sites, has announced it is opening its site to the fans and inviting the sick and twisted of the world to upload their own movies. 

The site has opened a section called the “Victims Vault” so that users (who think they know gore like Wes Craven or Eli Roth) can create a free “victim” profile. Once the profile is created, users can post movies, photos and other goodies for other horror fans to view and comment on. 

The website is also providing fans other killer features including:

Straight from the set of Saw IV, Darren Lynn Bousman is delivering news and updates; he will also talk about the remake of Scanners and Repo: the Genetic Opera

Upload user generated video, audio, photos and written material and search, sort, rate and comment on other fans’ content

Create a gallery to showcase your goods!  FEARnet will also create galleries for special events and themes. Who knows, your masterpiece could be on the front page! Mom would be so proud of you…

Enjoy the integrated video player – now available as a full screen – which allows fans to watch a film and simultaneously read about its cast and crew and chat or post to the community without leaving the film itself

Create and manage custom video play lists and search for A-Z Horror videos in the “Web of Fear” interactive horror database with enhanced search capabilities

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