Father of rock icon Mick Jagger dies at 93

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger’s father, Joe Jagger, died of pneumonia on Saturday at the age of 93. Joe Jagger (who was once a schoolteacher) was taken to a hospital in Kingston, Surrey (near London) following a fall in his home a week ago.

Mick Jagger (63) had been with the rest of the members of the legendary Rolling Stones as they traveled the United States on the band’s current “A Bigger Bang” world tour. The singer is said to have gone to Britain on Friday to visit with his father, and then flew back to Las Vegas on the same day for an upcoming show.

A spokesman for Jagger has stated the family would make no further comments about the death, and no details concerning the funeral have been released. The spokesman did say the funeral would be a private affair. Jagger’s mother, Eva, died in 2000, and he has another sibling named Chris.

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