Fatal Frost – Book Review

Detective Jack Frost has gained a considerable following in both literature and on TV.  The grumpy detective takes his own path, irrespective of superiors and just gets on with the job.  This particular story is set in May 1982 at a time when the Falklands war is at its height. 

Denton Police Division has just received its first black policeman – DS Waters – relocated from London’s East End.  Frost finds himself coping with changing relationships within his division.  Then the body of fifteen year old Samantha Ellis is found hidden in the woodland – soon afterwards, a fifteen year old boy is found dead on the golf course. 

Frost has the task of investigating. Is there any link between the deaths and a spate of local burglaries?  To top it all, the murdered boy’s sister goes missing – can they find her in time?  Fast paced, the well-drawn characters live up to their reputation.  Anyone keen on Detective Jack  Frost will enjoy this story.