Fat Chance: My 600-LB Pauline Needs To Stop Complaining VIDEO

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In tonight’s episode, we meet Pauline. At nearly 700 lbs., 51-year-old Pauline has an addiction to food that is killing her and has taken over the life of her son who is her primary caregiver. Can she overcome this addiction to change her lifestyle and save both their lives?

In this clip, Pauline talks with Dr. Nowzaradan about her struggles to lose weight.

ABOUT PAULINE: (Sacramento, CA)

Pauline started getting heavy at the age of eight. Her parents got divorced, and she did not get enough to eat, so she would steal grapefruits from an orchard on the way to school. When her parents got back together, food was suddenly plentiful.

Pauline did not know when to stop though, fearful that she would go hungry again. By the time she was 12-years-old, she weighed well over 200 lbs. By the time she got married, Pauline weighed 500 lbs. She used to run an at-home daycare, but was unable to continue due to her weight. Now divorced, Pauline is nearly 700 lbs, and hoping to rejoin society and turn her life around.