Fat Chance: Angel Wants To Live, Not Large On TLC’s My 600-LB Life VIDEO


TV Picks: Put down that bagel and listen up: Angel is Ready to Live Life Again – Tonight on TLC’s My 600-LB Life.

This series about grossly obese people who are pushed to the limit airs Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT

In tonight’s episode, we meet Angel. At 42-years-old, Angel is staring death in the face. She is struggling to make a positive change and be an active part of her partner and son’s lives. With so much at stake, can she turn her life around?

In this clip, Angel goes to her son’s football game and is determined to stop missing out on her life.

ANGEL: (Kerville, Texas)

Angel grew up a thin, gangly young girl but when she was forced by her mother to give up her baby at age 14, her life started to spiral out of control. Never married, Angel had a second child at age 20 and was nearly 300 pounds. When Angel was 25, her beloved father died in a car crash after an argument with Angel, and the guilt caused her to put on even more weight. By the time she and her boyfriend Donnie got together, she was up to 500 lbs., yet still worked as a nursing assistant, taking care of others.

After giving birth to her youngest son, Andrew, she fell into a deep depression, eating herself into oblivion, reaching an all-time high of 596 lbs., and making her nearly immobile. Donnie feels that Angel shut herself off from life. Angel is too big to be the kind of mother and companion she wants to be, and she desperately wants to regain her health and mobility, get back to work, and be a part of her family’s lives again.